Geocaching in Sydney - 3

31 July 2017 - Bushbashing in Heathcote National Park


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Welcome to Geocaching in Sydney, an irregular podcast about my geocaching adventures in the greater Sydney area. My name is Edwin, I play this game under the name of Team MavEtJu which includes my kids and everybody else who is with me at that moment.

Today I walked the Pipeline trail in the Heathcote National Park, a walk I have done often with my kids and family living in Heathcote. The car gets parked at the bottom of the Oliver street where you can descend to the Pipeline trail. Or you can park at Freeman road near the Scouts hall and walk down the Friendly Trail to Pipeline trail.

The Pipeline trail follows the pipeline from Woronora Dam towards Penshurst. It goes via Woronora Dam towards Heathcote, Engadine, Woronora Heights, Sutherland, Jannali, Como, crosses the Georges river towards Oatley, Mortdale and finally ends up in at the reservoir in Penshurst. In the Sutherland section the pipeline forks towards the Sutherland reservoir near the station. The reservoirs are available as trigpoint caches on Geocaching Australia. The Pipeline Trail is a maintenance road for the pipeline itself, so the path has been asphalted, which, although the state of the asphalt is varying, makes it an excellent path for cycling: You can make it all the way to the Woronora dam! Most of the path can be walked on the pipeline itself, that is what my son normally does.

The cache I looked for was the "The Cache that Dare Not Speak Its Name" by Drunken Gunman. Earlier this year I did their splendid caches "Mr Moon" and "Hey, Buddha!" in Bonnet Bay.

--Audio here--

I didn't know this before I started today, but this cache was the last one of the Drunken Gunman which I hadn't found yet: I've got their whole set complete now!

So far for my adventures for today in Heathcote, but there are still enough caches for me to find here in the Heathcote National Park!

What is next on the agenda? Groundspeak is running their "The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde" game this month, so that will keep people busy. On 19 August there is an international Geocaching day event at Salt Pan Reserve hosted by ziggiau. Salt Pan Reserve is at Riverwood, between Punchbowl and Padstow. On 20 August is the AGM of GeocachingNSW at Carlingford, see for more details. I hope to see you at one of them!