Geocaching in Sydney - 11

13 November 2017 - Mining in Mount Kembla


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Welcome to Geocaching in Sydney, an irregular podcast about my geocaching adventures in the greater Sydney area. My name is Edwin, I play this game under the name of Team MavEtJu which includes my kids and everybody else who is with me at that moment.

Today's adventure was in Mount Kembla, south of Sydney. The name is derived from rthe Aboriginal word, kembla, meaning "plenty of game". The Mount Kembla Colliery was established in 1883, and the purpose-built township was constructed by the company to house the employees. The community thrived until late-1970 when the mine closed and the town went into decline, losing its general store, post office, church, tennis courts and public telephones during the following years.

The cache I was looking for was called "Bathhouse" and is at the old Mount Kembla Colliery bathhouse and pony stables. The information onsite is provided by the Mount Kembla Heritage Centre.


From the bathhouse is not much left besides the concrete floor.


Further on the path is an old building, which I later found out to be the old stables for the pit ponies.


While there isn't any information on the stables building itself, there are a couple of sheets available on the pit ponies itself and of their role in the mining.


Besides information about the pit ponies, there is also information about the role the worker unions played in improving the relationship between employers and employees.


What's next on the agenda?

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