Geocaching in Sydney - 10

11 November 2017 - Cordeaux dam


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Welcome to Geocaching in Sydney, an irregular podcast about my geocaching adventures in the greater Sydney area. My name is Edwin, I play this game under the name of Team MavEtJu which includes my kids and everybody else who is with me at that moment. Today's adventure was at the Cordeaux dam, the second dam built after the Cataract dam was completed. But before that I passed the cordon of the Sydney to Wollongong cyclist, a yearly charity cycle. It was raining and oh boy, going uphill in the rain is not something which I want to curse anybody with.


According to the Statement of Significance of the NSW Heritage Register: Cordeaux Dam is a handsome, well proportioned structure with strong Egyptian style architectural character which complements the monumental nature of the structure and its attractive natural surroundings. The public picnic grounds and gardens attached to the Cordeaux Dam contain a cultural landscape resource - including remnants of its interwar period plantings, layout and detailing, and extensive areas of bushland.

The dam's glory days as a picnic spot were in the 1930s and 1940s, when Upper Nepean dams competed for the most beautiful gardens. In the upper picnic area, look out for remnants of old garden layouts and a grotto between a large Monterey Pine and a very large Eucalypt.

The cache named "Cordeaux memories" is located in one of the old gardens, while the cache "Edens Hide" is more to the front of the dam.


Continued from the Statement of Significance: There is evidence in the landscape design, particularly in the use of palms and tree ferns and battered stonework retaining walls, of an intention to continue the Egyptian Revival references apparent in the design of the main dam structures. The gates were inspired by the popularity of all things Egyptian following the discovery of King Tutenkhamun's tomb in 1922.


Construction began in 1918 and was completed in 1926. The wall consists of large sandstone blocks, quarried onsite and cemented together, faced with a combination of bluestone and sandstone concrete. The dam featured a number of improvements in design and construction on the earlier-completed Cataract Dam. These included contraction joints between units of construction placed at intervals of 27 metres.


The spillway is at the far end of the dam where another set of towers was.


At the walk back I saw some interesting survey markers. Every of the fifteen sections the damwall is made out of has an east and a west marker.


The outlet of the dam is designed as a waterfall.


On the way back to the parking area there was an old quarry. It has turned into a little pond/swamp area.


What's next on the agenda? 26-Nov-17: HAVOC Christmas Party 2017 by Team-Tonka (Eleebana) 27-Nov-17: Coffee, Cakes and Conundrums #11 by Calypso62 (Galston) 01-Dec-17: "Meet new friends" Sutherland Shire Cachers' M & G by sutherlandgeocaching (Menai) I hope to see you at one of them!