Geocaching in Sydney - 15

27 July 2018 - Kayaking on Forbes Creek


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Welcome to Geocaching in Sydney, an irregular podcast about my geocaching adventures in the greater Sydney area. My name is Edwin, I play this game under the name of Team MavEtJu which includes my kids and everybody else who is with me at that moment.

Today's adventure was on Forbes Creek and Woronora River in Woronora Heights. Indeed "on", as I was in a canoe. Time for some T5 caches! The recording device was in a plastic container, as such the recording might sound hollowish.

Forbes Creek is an arm of the Georges river near Woronora Heights. It's not a flowing water, it's all tidal based. The canoe was hired from the local canoe rental and coffee shop in Woronora Heights and off I wooshed over the smooth waters of the Forbes Creek.

The caches I was after were two caches placed during the Geosportz 2016 game of Geocaching Australia: For challenge 33 you needed to "publish a new physical geocache on Geocaching Australia that requires the use of a kayak, canoe or other water-craft to find the cache".

-- intro --

Wherever you go you heard birds.

-- tidal river --

The water pipeline from Woronora dam to Oatley crosses this river and it's leaking a bit. When crossing it you get wet!

-- dripping --

The next cache was a mystery from the Hancock Clan named "As-tu vu le ramoneur?", that's French for "Have you seen the chimney sweeper?". It will bring you to an abandoned and fallen apart house on Woronora river. As usual only the floor, parts of the wall and the chimney are left...

-- house --

A bit further is at the bottom on the house is a sign about "2nd Yowie Bay - Miranda District", which sounds like a scouts group name from that era, later renamed to Alcheringa scouts group.

-- sign --

I got in contact with Christine Edney who wrote a book about the history of Scouting in the Sutherland Shire:

The camp site name of "Gooyong" is an aboriginal word meaning "camp". This camp site with the remnants of old buildings is on the western bank of the Woronora River about 1 km upstream (south) of Woronora Primary School. The land was Crown land used by the Defence Department in WW2 and was later used by the Scout Association. In September 1947 Council gave the Scout Association a licence to use the land.
The building was built in the early 1950's partly by Cronulla Rotary members (see excerpt from Cronulla Rotary website overleaf). According to Norm Dixson who lived in the area from 1936 the timber was supplied by AG Hands Timber at Sutherland. According to a 1954 Lands Department survey report the building in 1954 was "Scouts hall 30 foot by 16 foot; Stone walls, hardwood floor, wooden roof (malthoid covered), Solid Building not yet completed - excellent position, Value 600 pounds". It was use for storing camping gear and probably for emergency accommodation in bad weather. A large cleared flat area near river was used for camping and sports days including a day known as Pandemonium Day.
The Gooyong Lodge was a two storey building, but now there are now only the stone foundations left. Surrounding trees are charred so the building may have been destroyed by bushfire or vandalism.

A two page document with photos is available in the notes of this podcast.

So far for today's adventure. Nobody got wet by falling off their canoe into the water, nobody fell from trees into the water, nobody got hurt while climbing into trees above water and no electronics got lost. It was a success story!

And now some relaxing sounds of birds while floating happily over the water.

-- birds --